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Oct. 2019
Excellent Technology Company Certification Nice D & B
Jun. 2019
Appreciation plaque Ministor of Ministry Oceans and Fisheries
Jan. 2019
Selected as an excellent partner company of Hyundai Heavy Industries
Jan. 2018
ISO 9001 - 2015 Certificate (A.B.S)
May. 2017
Root Enterprise Certificate. (The Korea National Ppuri Industry Center)
Aug. 2016
Obtained Certificate of China, USA, Europe Patent Marine Vessel Winch Equipped with Hermetically Sealed Clutch
Sep. 2015
Samsung Heavy Industries Vendor Registration.
Mar. 2015
Exemplary Taxpayer Awards(Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
Jan. 2015
Arim Marine Technology Co., Ltd.. establishment.
Apr. 2013
Venture Company Confirmation from Korea Technology Finance Corporation.
Feb. 2013
Awards from Small & Medium Business Administration(No.2013-06)
Feb. 2013
Obtained Certificate of Patent(No.10-1274067)
Marine Vessel Winch Equipped with Hermetically Sealed Clutch.
Dec. 2011
Awarded 5million dollars exportation on Trade day (Korea International Trade Association)
Dec. 2011
Awards from Yangsan mayor on 2011’ trade day (Korea International Trade Association)
Nov. 2011
To be confirmed newly constructed Factory (Area:9,000mm, Factory & Office : 4,500mm)
Dec. 2010
Selected as promising company for export (Kyongnam Regional Small & Medium Business Administration)
Jun. 2010
Acquired ISO9001(2008)Certification.

Mar. 2007
Appointed as INNO-Biz Company.
Feb. 2007
R&D Institute was certified (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
Nov. 2006
Certified as a member of the IBK corporate Family Company (Industrial Bank of Korea)
Nov. 2004
Started the manufacture and selling of medium size Steering Gear(32T-M)
Apr. 2003
Newly constructed factory at 136,Eogok Gongdan-Ro, Yangsan, Kyungnam, Korea
Oct. 2001
Acquired ISO9001(2000) Certification
Feb. 2001
Manufactured and exported Telescopic Crane & N.T.Door for cable Laying vessel (Singapore Hitachi)
May. 2000
Exported Slipway Winch (UAE)

Mar. 1999
Started Exporting high-capacity Winch for Floating Dock(85 ~ 340 Ton) (U.S.)
Mar. 1999
Started exporting Stern Roller (300 ~500 Tons) to Singapore
Aug. 1998
Started exporting Deck Machinery to China
Apr. 1998
Started the manufacture and selling of Steering Gear(small size)
Oct. 1997
Manufactured and exported Life/Rescue Boat Davit & Winch for offshore (60P)
Aug. 1997
Exported Hyd. Towing Winch (Singapore)
Oct. 1994
Manufactured and exported Life/Rescue Boat Davit & Winch(20~35P)
Feb. 1993
Manufactured and exported Electro-Hyd. Cranes for vessel.
Oct. 1992
Transferred factory to Pyungsang-ri, Woongsang-eup, Yangsan, Kyungnam, Korea.
Sep. 1992
Obtained the license of trade business in class "Eul" and started exporting Windlass and Mooring Winch to South East Asian countries including Singapore.

May. 1989
Obtained the approval of the plan of small business initiation.
Mar. 1988
Established company at Deokpo-dong, Busan, Korea.